Colour wheel by Caroline Bichet

Colour wheel by Caroline Bichet

How we started


Abbey Art was established in 2016. The team behind it have been involved in the arts, either as artists, teachers or representing artists, for decades.

Why the name?

Abbey Art is named after L'Abbatiale (a French term for the Abbot's mansion), the unique house in the Loire Valley where we hold many of our art retreats.  Founded as an Abbey in the 9th century CE, and with the current house dating from the 14th, L'Abbatiale and its private grounds are full of inspiration.

In the 17th century, the French Royal Library's collection of prints was founded from there. And major British artists have stayed and worked at L'Abbatiale, including Paul Emsley, Janet Treloar RWS, Patrick Procktor RA, Valerie Thornton RE, Michael Chase, Ffiona Lewis, James Kirkman, Richard Selby and Sheila Englert.

Who we are

This is a family run business. Our tutors are artists who do exciting work, but have a deep understanding of what makes a work of art technically proficient.