What's special about abbey art?

We offer carefully structured, quality art tuition in a beautiful location in France. We can take care of everything so that nothing distracts you from your art and enjoyment of the house and region. 

Does it all happen in france?

Our art retreats are based in a beautiful house in France's Loire Valley. If we expand locations, we'll let you know!

I've never done anything like this before. Can I still do a course?

Yes you can! We welcome all levels from beginner to advanced. Unless otherwise specified, all our courses cater for all levels and our tutors will help you work at the right pace for you. Your work is private, shared between you and the tutor, unless you decide otherwise.

The content of all courses differs. Take a look at the course page. But the programme always involves mornings spent either in the studio or on location in the grounds or area, working with your tutor on specific aspects of the practical technique.  Depending on the course, some afternoons will involve a pre-arranged visit to a specially chosen venue, to help you understand an aspect of your study better.  This might be a château, museum, landscape, famous art work or artist's workshop/demonstration. Your course price is fully inclusive, so these visits come at no extra charge. 

what does a typical course look like?

Is it just art or is there a chance to relax & explore?






At Abbey Art, we take your learning seriously.  Course days are active and art filled. But we build in afternoons off so that you can spend time in the studio, relaxing in the house or exploring.  We send welcome packs to guests once they've registered, and these have information on what to do in the area. 

Guests come together in the dining room or garden for meals and the evenings always start with cocktails before supper.

On your last night, we'll put a celebratory party. For those who want to take part, there'll be an exhibition of the week's artistic achievements.

We think getting to know your fellow guests and offering each other motivation and encouragement is half the enjoyment of the retreat, but the house and garden are both full of nooks and corners for when you want your own company.

Absolutely. There's an option to book food and accommodation for a non-participant. Just choose that option at the checkout.  Or contact us if you'd like some assistance.

Can I bring along a non-artist friend?